Viticulture in Ohio

Our winery offers a wide variety of wines, from all kind of fruit wines to even Ice Wine. At the estate’s highest point is our vineyard where we cultivate the finest wine that you have ever tried in your life. Our vineyard sits at about 800 ft above sea level and boasts the most beautiful lake view that you have ever seen, giving you unrivaled views of Lake Erie and the stunning landscape that surrounds Ohio’s premier wine growing country. Thanks to the lake our wine is protected from the spring frosts. On the other hand, our wine has an excellent drainage due to rolling land.

Here you can enjoy not just the wine, but also a beautiful surrounding and landscape. Besides the Lake Erie, you can enjoy the Quarry Hill as a part of this beautiful scenery. Instead of a usual city break, you can take a real break from crowded cities and enjoy amazing wine taste and a light food that you can find in your wine bar. A stone fireplace, indoor and outdoor option and one of the most beautiful panoramic views in the area will offer you a recovering of stressed caused by noise, polluted air in the big cities.

Summer festivals

We invite you to explore and discover our treasures. Besides terrific wines from the wine cultivated on our rolling vineyards, you can also enjoy the sparkling lakes and beautiful countryside. For those who like to socialize there is an entertaining and interesting program during the summer. Sunshine summer festivals offer a rich array of culture events as well as being times when you can taste award-winning wines and buy unusual souvenirs in our unique gift shop.

With picnic tables and colorful tents you will get the impression you are in a fairy tale. You will get a chance to taste to taste the world-class wines such as Cabernet, Pinot Gris, and Chardonnay or different kinds of fruit wines made from blackberries, strawberries and raspberries. Here you can explore your tastes and find your favorites.

Varieties of all kinds of wine from sweet and fresh to dry or something in between, white, red, fruit and everything else can be tasted here during the festivals. Not to mention all the entertainment and tasty food.  All of these wrapped in cultural events and live music combined with artisans and spectacular fireworks make you feel like you are in a wonderland and not at a vineyard.