Want the party of your dreams?

Here in our vineyard, we offer tours and lodging in private or semi-private accommodation for all kind of events such as weddings, baptisms or birthday parties. Everybody can make a dream wedding here in Ohio. We offer the perfect decorations and cover every detail that you can imagine. We are able to accommodate up to 200 guests for both the party and we’ll  find enough rooms to allow them to stay over night.

We can offer a personalized wedding management service providing you with everything that you need for your perfect night. From professional photograph to the music that you have chosen and everything combined with the perfect wine and the most quality food, you can be assured your party is going to be more than exclusive.

Accommodation is the most important thing when it comes to parties. You don’t want to make your guests feel tired and under pressure because of the fact they need to drive after the party. That why we organized accommodation too. We allow you multiple choices. You can choose from single room to the entire flat, depend on your needs and how close your guests are. Besides the bed, they will get a complete service, including the breakfast or lunch if you want to arrange it.


Extra services

There is one thing that makes us different than the others and that a possibility to organize the tour around the lake. After the lunch, we can organize a tour and visit the most important spot in Ohio. Your guests will get an opportunity to take a ride in a boat, enjoy landscapes and the award-winning wine.

Whether you want your party to be during the night or the hot summer day, we have all kind of decorations: from lampion to the best possible ornaments you can imagine. We always offer you at least three options so you can easily make your choice. Therefore, you will have your dream party, whether you wanted the most glamorous party in the world or a simple and frugal gathering of your family.



As one of the most important parts of every party, music is also something you can choose. We offer you two options: the first one is to bring your bend or to choose something from our offer. A rehearsal is something that is included in the price, to avoid all unnecessary surprises.