Organized tours just for wine and nature fans

For all those who would like to see something extraordinary and to experience an ambiance worthy winning an award can come and visit us and explore the wonders of Ohio’s amazing naturescape. Besides outstanding food and wine, you will be able to enjoy charming scenery standing on 800ft peak with a beautiful lake view. Enjoying the silence is maybe the most important these days, regarding the fact we are growing up with the sound of the horn. Sometimes we have the impression that it is impossible to wake up without hearing the noise of the city. Sometimes we just need to get out of that atmosphere and to get some rest.


Perfect space to organize a real break

You want to get away from routine, to get away from the smog and finally breed the fresh air and enjoy the nature? In that case, you are definitely in the right place. Here you can get rest and recover your mind and body. You can take advantage of this beautiful section of Ohio in so many different ways.


Organize a team building tour

You want to collect enough energy to come back to your business as fast as possible and ready for new challenges. We offer the perfect program that can be adapted from company to company. If your business is mostly indoor type, you will certainly be interested in our outdoor activities: from hiking to sailing and everything at one place. To engage your entire body and mind, you can organize to your team all those activities for a very descent prices.


Family tour

If you decide to organize a real city break, then you are in the right place. Take your family away from the crowded city and afford them a real rest. Besides a lot of activities and amenities, we also have a great program for your children, so you can all enjoy your holiday.